Mart Blom

I work as a Haptotherapist for musicians and non-musicians in my own practice in Amsterdam, and am a teacher of stage awareness at the ArtEZ Conservatoire in Zwolle. I completed my vocal studies as a classically trained singer at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam, having worked until 2004 as a professional singer.


Due to an unsuccessful operation on my vocal cords, I had to choose a different direction in life. My fascination for human interaction and individual development led me to further my studies in Haptotherapy at the ITH (Instituut voor Toegepaste Haptonomie), where I graduated in 2010. I have since completed a two year training as a couples therapy counselor in 2015 at the Academie voor Haptonomie in Doorn, which has become a valuable addition to my vocation as a therapist.