Coaching for musicians


What kind of issues/questions?

  • How do I stay present (mentally and physically) during practice and performance

  • How do I make music from the inside out?

  • How can I deal with my mental obstacles better? (Example: stage fright)

  • How can I focus more on the music itself instead of tending to focus on what others might think of me?

  • How do I deal with the stress and tension that comes with auditioning and performing in a healthy way?


Two players can be equally gifted from a technical point of view, but what sets them apart is the human being behind the instrument; namely their presence. To be truly  present, it is vital that you dare to be vulnerable. Haptotherapy coaching will help you observe and work on the connection with yourself, with the goal of staying more ‘present’ in body and mind, understanding your physical and emotional signals and reducing your levels of stress. This ‘yourself’ is extremely important for a musician, as it distinguishes you from others and enables you to move your listeners.


During our time together, you will meet your own mental obstacles through talking, (body) awareness exercises and breathing, with and without your instrument. When you are able to recognise and channel emotions which may have been ‘hiding’ due to your personal obstacles, you will be able to utilise these as part of your music making, and you will achieve more authentic colours and expressions.

A vivid performance with real enjoyment now becomes easier to embrace because you allow access to your true and genuine self. Opinions of others (or yourself) feel lighter because your focus is in the music and the movement or breath itself. When you are fully concentrated in the body and the music, your head won’t have so much time for critical comments that can hold you back.


The results of the coaching will be increased self-confidence when you perform. Juries and audiences will see more of your true self and you will stand out from the crowd because you allow these qualities to be seen.