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Coaching for musicians



Being a musician can be demanding; it takes hours of practice, you have to perform on a high level, step out of your comfort zone by doing concerts, auditions and competitions. On top of that you might have to be your own entrepreneur, organizing concerts etc.

It's only fair that this can lead to physical and/or mental challenges along the way. 

Nowadays musicians see coaching as a vital part of their support system and development. Whereas in the past it might have been a bit of a taboo subject, now many more artists see that it is an essential part of a balanced life whilst having to perform at the best of your abilities.

As a performance coach, it's my passion to help and support you with your specific questions and/or issues.

For example:

•   How do I stay present (mentally and physically) during practice and performance?


•   How can I deal with my mental obstacles like stage fright, negative thoughts and former bad experiences? 


•   How can I focus more in the music itself instead of irrelevant other matters (like the opinion of others)? 


•   How do I deal in a healthy way with stress and tension that comes with auditioning and performing?




You will learn how to regulate your nervous system, because when your body is regulated, the mind can calm down and be clear again.

This is a bottom up approach instead of a top down method; we all have tried to command ourselves to be calm, but that doesn't work when you are in survival mode, the body takes over in that case. During the sessions, you will get more acquainted with your particular responses when you are under pressure.

We will work through these issues by analyzing them and talking about them, doing (body) awareness exercises and breathing exercises. These exercises are not meant as a separate technique, but as a tool to regulate your nervous system and to create self-acceptance.

We will work on how you can use and channel your own musical ideas, feelings and emotions in your playing or singing. This creates flow and concentration in what you are playing, gives space for authentic expression, real enjoyment and reduces your distracting or negative thoughts.



The result of the coaching will be increased self-confidence and true self-expression when you perform. You will feel safer within your own body and be more present. Kindness and acceptance will be a tool to move forward and to deepen your understanding of the music and of yourself.

Your technique will benefit from this; your muscle tension is optimal and effective, you are aware of what is going on, in the surroundings and in yourself.

You will feel empowered to let your qualities shine through, so you will stand out in the crowd when you are in front of an audience, jury or committee.






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