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“The sessions with Mart have made a big impact on my personal and musical development. She is really warm and supportive and helps me to feel more safe and present in my body so I can express myself more authentically . I always recommend my friends to go see her. She really is amazing.”


Chieko Donker Duyvis - singer-songwriter, cellist

"Mart is the mental coach you need: she can immediately find the right way to help you to deal with stage fear, performance anxiety or whatever makes you uncomfortable while playing. Her lab sessions are so intense and so useful, I felt I was in the right and safe place to work on my mental weaknesses. After few meetings, I won the audition for the orchestra (Philharmonie Zuidnederland) where I actually work: I am so grateful I found her. Sometimes it's difficult to tell yourself that you need this kind of help, but then you understand that this is just another part of the "practice" that every musician needs. I strongly recommend to every musician to try Mart's coaching at least once".

Lorenzo Titolo Duchini - violist

"Mart's workshop have been by far the most important asset in my practice over the last few years. Mart is a lively, fun and warm person who has the capacity to profoundly understand what is going on with people and the skills to work with that in a hands-on, caring and intelligent way. Her workshops have transformed my way of performing and practicing a gigantic deal and have also influenced me a lot on a personal level." 

Elvire Beekhuizen - singer

"Performance coaching by Mart is both full of warmth and practical/to the point, clear, effective, honest and straight-forward.

Mart has a special gift to make you get touch with your heart and soul, to get you into the flow and to make you perform with your full potential. Me meeting Mart is one of the best things that happened to me on my path as a professional musician, I highly recommend her to every musician who wants to take their performance abilities to the next level!"

Antony Hermus - conductor

"During the session Mart gave me a sense of safety and trust. She was skillful and able to get to the core of the matter, this gave me space to use the tools she handed to me in an easy way. It gave me a new perspective to play even more expressively and free. With gratefulness I will carry this knowledge and these insights with me in my further career."

Michiel Wittink - violist

“The workshop Mart gave allowed me to listen objectively to my physical sensations due to stress, to understand how to interact between my performance, my instrument and my hearing. I received tools to help me manage my reactions in a benevolent and efficient way.”

Nina Spinosi - singer

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