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Performance Workshops


Performance workshops are group sessions where we will work with 4 to 6 musicians for about three hours. Each workshop starts with a body scan to be focused and present in the moment and you will share your personal learning goals before playing in front of each other.

Bring a musical piece that you (preferably) know by heart and that contains the particular challenges you want to work on. You can book one session, or more to deepen your process.

I will safeguard a friendly and constructive working environment, which allows you to try out things without judgement.


By working in a group we create a different learning environment than, for instance, a private lesson.


The presence of others will bring the opportunity to deal with the natural stress responses that occur when people are watching you. Just the looking eyes will bring the nervous system in survival mode; you will experience a heightened sense of alertness, different heart rate, higher muscle tension and the breath goes up.  These are all very healthy and sensible reactions when you are in a real survival situation, but during playing and/or singing it can stand in the way of a great performance. By recognizing, accepting and working through these reactions you can use them to your advantage.


These sessions are meant as a ‘bridge’ between your study room and the stage and/or audition. The aim is not to perform perfectly but to have a safe space to train your stage skills. The added value of the group is that you can do this training with a test audience. Other benefits of the group are the common learning experiences; everyone has challenges that are recognizable, like tension, perfectionism, focus on other things then the music, distracting thoughts, fear for certain passages etc etc. All perfectly logical and normal issues for stage performers. It helps to be together and share these experiences in order to learn from each other and to grow as a person and a musician.

Lastly, all people come away with the feeling that they are not alone with their problems.


  • Focus and concentration in body, mind and music

  • Gaining more control in body and mind through letting go of unnecessary tension (control-not control)

  • Dealing with distracting thoughts

  • Breath as a tool for flow and focus

  • Feeling more connected to yourself and to the listeners (committee, audience)

  • Dealing with high pressure situations


  • 29th of April 13.45 - 17 (waiting list)

  • 13th of May

  • 27th of May (waiting list)

  • 20th of June

  • 1st of July


Studio Meneer de Wit, Baarsjesweg 202, Amsterdam

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